About Advanced Skin Care

We’ve been in the skincare industry for a while – long enough to care more and more about what exactly is in the serums and makeup that we put on our skin every day. In 2014, we began conducting our own research on the ins and outs of skincare, and we discovered an ugly truth. The vast majority of skincare products and makeup on the market that boast having “beneficial” ingredients – even some of the most expensive, prestigious brands – were missing the actual good stuff, the active ingredients. We realized that so many consumers are being overcharged – they are paying for the brand or the idea of a product, but not necessarily the quality or results of the product itself.

In light of this discovery, we made it our mission to change this trend. We created our own skin care line, Advanced Skin Care, which is rich with active ingredients yet sold at a reasonable price. This allows us to work towards our main goal: to empower people to embrace, preserve, highlight, and complement their natural beauty. Your skin is important, and we’d like to help you treat it that way.

Fighting for better skin health

Maintaining healthy skin can be very difficult. Environmental factors such as UV rays gradually harm our skin health on a daily basis. As we age, these effects become compounded and more noticeable. The vitamins and peptides in our skin care products, and the UV protection of our makeup products help promote, preserve, and protect your skin health.

Boosting your beauty

Everyone has little imperfections that they’d like to reduce, and beautiful features that are worth accentuating. Our brands provide products that help with this in two ways.

  1. Our skin care lines act to improve your skin’s health, and healthy skin is beautiful skin.
  2. Our makeup lines act to provide the finishing touches, helping you capture and enhance the essence of your natural beauty.

Superior quality, affordable price

There are plenty of other skin care companies out there, many of which provide products that are significantly overpriced. We believe it’s possible to provide products that are of superior quality at an affordable price, and that’s what we aim to provide. That’s why our brands provide products that are loaded with peptides, vitamins, and other high quality ingredients.