Causation of Wrinkles

  1. Sun Damage
    Sun damage is likely the greatest factor in causing wrinkles in the skin. UV rays lead to collagen breakdown, which once started, continues gradually over your lifetime. Sun damage also leads to many other skin conditions and cancers, so it’s best to stay protected.For more on this, check out our blog on sun damage.
  2. Smoking
    In studies, smokers have shown to wrinkle and age more rapidly than non-smokers on average. The best bet is to reduce or quit smoking in any way possible.
  3. Dry Skin
    When skin is not properly moisturized, it can look dry, crackled, scaly and wrinkled. It’s important to moisturize, and to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  4. Dead Skin
    The surface of your skin often consists of many dead skin cells. These dead cells resting on your skin will make you look dry, flaky, and wrinkled.
  5. Squinting
    When you squint, your muscles pull and bunch your skin in a way that leads to eye area wrinkles such as crow’s feet and wrinkling between the brows. Sunglasses or a sun hat will help reduce the need to squint in the sunlight. If you’re having a hard time seeing at a distance or up close, consider getting an up to date prescription for eyewear, or getting some reading glasses.

Fighting Wrinkles

  1. Sun Protection
    Protecting yourself from the sun is essential in maintaining healthy skin. Wear sunscreen if you’re going to be outside for 30 mins or longer. Seek Shade whenever possible. Sun hats or other sun protective clothing are also great at reducing your skin’s exposure to the sun.
  2. Facial Cleansing
    Cleansing your face daily with a gentle oil-free cleanser will not only help prevent acne and clogged pores, but it will also help remove any dead or dry skin on the surface and make your skin look smooth and fresh.
  3. Exfoliation
    Exfoliation is crucial in maintaining a healthy complexion. Exfoliating removes the buildup of dead skin cells that can cause you to look older and have less healthy and more wrinkled looking skin.
  4. Moisturizing
    Adequate sleep will help prevent dark circles and bags from forming around your eyes. It will also improve the elasticity of your skin by producing more human growth hormone, and sleeping adequately will also prevent excess production of cortisol, which breaks down skin cells. Sleeping on your back will help to prevent lines from being pressed into your face by your sheets and pillow.
  5. Using skin care products with collagen building ingredients
    The top 3 skin care ingredients for building collagen are Retinol (Vitamin A), Glycolic Acid, and vitamin C. Advanced Skin Care makes creams and serums that contain these individual ingredients in different concentrations, and also has some serums that contain several of these ingredients in one product.

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